The Top 10 Blogger Themes For Any Field (Free & Paid)

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Are you looking for the top blogger themes for your industry? Unhappy with the pre-installed themes on the Blogger dashboard? Don't worry; this post will help you with your issue.

I'm going to list some of the top blogger themes with tonnes of cutting-edge features in this post for you to use on your blog.

Everyone using blogger at this moment wishes for a theme that is attractive, blazingly fast, optimised, light, and simple to read and edit.

Currently, you could wish some WordPress themes that seamlessly integrate with your Blogger blog, but sadly, there is no method to do so.

Don't worry; I experienced the same thing when I first began blogging. But as time goes on, you learn more and develop farther.

You won't have any trouble changing these themes! However, in rare circumstances, you may need to pay the developer to have the footer credit removed.

I advise using the free blogger themes, although there are some restrictions, if you don't have enough money to buy the theme from the creator.

I can vouch for the fact that many popular blogs that use free themes with footer credits and receive a considerable quantity of search engine traffic.

Once they had enough, they might change the theme in the not too distant future as well. To begin your blogging journey, you can follow suit.

I advise you to save this article as a bookmark for future use so you can easily locate the finest blogger themes without having to search through multiple websites.

So with that, let's get began.

Top 10 Blogger Themes For Any Field (Free & Paid)

Okay! The themes listed below are the greatest blogger themes that you can get online, and you may use them in your blogger site without encountering any bugs or issues.

1. Fletro Pro

A blogger template called Fletro Pro was created with mobile users in mind. It features a very quick page load time, an intuitive design, and it's simple to configure. Ads can be set up with a few mouse clicks.

With just one click, you may turn on or off the image slider widget on the home page. The contact form's layout as well as the theme's default colours can both be changed with just a few clicks!

Similar to the Fletro Lite theme, you can make the post full-page format without a sidebar. There is a simple alternative available for editing the header menu—the link list gadget! No longer is it necessary to use the theme editor to modify the navigation from the HTML!

You also have the option of changing the design of your blog's home page; you may choose between a list or grid format. Also fantastic are the text and writing formats! Additionally, you can include buttons, tables, block quotations, a table of contents, etc.

Even with all the features it has loaded, the Fletro Pro theme is quite lightweight. You can notice that this theme's codes are very well formatted and optimised, with inline comments that will help you understand the code.

If you're trying to find a theme that can pass the performance and Lighthouse SEO tests. It's not shocking that the Fletro Pro theme received good marks.

Typically, speed may suffer when using Google Analytics and Google AdSense. The application of the lazy loading feature, in my opinion, is the key to the excellent performance score.

Additionally, there is an AMP version of this fantastic template! Yes, as a blogger you may use the AMP version of this template. I suggest using the AMP version of the Fletro Pro template if you want to concentrate on mobile traffic.

For your information, you can load a web page on a mobile device really quickly—within a second—by using Accelerated Mobile Pages.


One of the things that makes Fletro one of the greatest blogger themes is undoubtedly its affordable price. You can purchase this theme for about $15 to $20. $15 is absurdly inexpensive considering the features you receive.


2. iMagz

One of the top blogger themes with a landing page is iMagz. Without this template, this list of blogger themes would be incomplete. Users of this theme can read the blog post with ease thanks to its basic style.

The template you need is iMagz if you want to undertake email marketing! This is the ideal landing page design, in my opinion, for bloggers. Despite the features we're about to see, this theme is lightweight and incredibly quick.

The theme is available in a version without a landing page as well. If you're looking for a theme that has all the detailed elements of the first two themes, plus some more features and a landing page. The finest option out of all those you have is the iMagz blogger template.

Other features that have been included include the idea of dual-language posts, among others. Additionally, this theme has numerous features that I particularly appreciate, including the syntax highlighter, note block, post reference, drop-cap paragraph, etc.

If you're trying to find a theme that can pass the performance and SEO tests from Lighthouse. It's not surprising that iMagz received good marks for passing. It is as a result of the lightweight and optimised coding, as the two themes mentioned above and previously displayed.

Typically, speed may suffer when using Google Analytics and Google AdSense. I think that using the lazy-loading function well is the key to the high performance score.


One of the things that makes iMagz one of the greatest blogger themes is unquestionably its affordable price. You can purchase this theme for only $15. $15 is absurdly inexpensive considering the features you receive.


3. Median UI

One of the top blogger themes on the internet is Median UI. It has a dashboard-style user interface. This theme's more straightforward style makes it easy for people to read your information.

In contrast to other themes, the menu is located on the left side. In addition, the homepage style differs from many of the themes used by casual bloggers. The navigation menu on the bar can also be magnified or minimised.

Like the Fletro, you can make the post full-page format without a sidebar. Numerous features, including the blockquote, table of contents, note block, buttons, etc. are included.

Despite all of its features, Median UI is still quite light. You can notice that this template's codes have been formatted and optimised as much as possible.

If you're trying to find a theme that can pass the performance and SEO tests from Lighthouse. It should come as no surprise that Median UI received great marks.

Typically, speed may suffer when using Google Analytics and Google AdSense. I think that using the lazy-loading function well is the key to the high performance score.


One of the things that makes Median UI one of the greatest blogger themes is unquestionably its affordable price. You can purchase this theme for for $13. $13 is absurdly inexpensive considering the things you receive.


4. Polar

Another excellent blogger theme, Polar has a straightforward layout appropriate for a typical site. It has a free and premium edition, with footer credits on the paid version and vice versa.

This theme has outstanding Lighthouse SEO rankings and is quick and simple while still being well-optimized for a decent user experience.

This theme's adaptable design makes it compatible with a range of gadgets, including smartphones and laptops. In other words, it will automatically change your blog's proportions to fit the size of the screen.

The best feature of this theme is its typography, although the page performance is only moderately good for a typical blog. It's intended to improve the user experience and give your blog a polished appearance.


It is free for you to use! But you must get Polar Premium for just $12.95 if you want to get rid of the credits and use the premium features. Although I believe the cost is a bit excessive for the features and services you receive, you can still buy the theme if you like it.


5. JetTheme Lite

Another top blogger theme that is totally free to use is JetTheme Lite. You may use it on your site for no charge!

The fact that this theme is unrestricted is its best feature. We'll learn more about its additional, premium newspaper edition later in this column.

Lazy loading of pictures, iFrames, audio files, and even Google AdSense and analytics are built-in capabilities of this theme.

The footer of this theme, which closely resembles a professional WordPress website, is its best feature. But Blogger hosts it.

The dark mode, blockquote, buttons, multiple ad spots, etc. are some other features. Last but not least, this theme is responsive, or mobile-friendly.

Is that it? No! This post appears to be incomplete without mentioning the theme's pace. So let's discuss it.

This blogger theme loads pages just as quickly as the top blogger themes described above! This theme achieves an astounding score on the Lighthouse SEO.


As you are all aware, you may use this theme for free on your Blogger blog without having to pay the developer anything. Simply download, upload, personalise, and relish!


6. VTick

Another excellent blogger theme that I think the most of you were unaware of is VTick. Use of this theme is totally free! It is totally free!

The VTick blogger template is the most attractive blogger template in terms of the user interface, if somebody asks me to name one!

This theme is quick, optimised, light, and provides a highly seamless reading experience. It takes approximately one second to load.

I advise you to use this design if you run a news website or if you frequently post content with numerous categories.

Let's learn about a number of features that are included with this theme right now!

The dark mode feature, preload animation, featured picture ratio, table of contents, and reading time are just a few of the characteristics that this theme offers. These elements are displayed underneath the headline of each and every post.

Even better, it has a cookie consent popup that is uncommon among the best blogger themes. This theme's footer offers a broad variety of links and photos to display along with some animated elements in the background.

Okay, let's talk about how quickly this awesome theme loads.

This theme is optimised and lightweight, and according to the Lighthouse performance test, the page speed is over 98. This theme's load time is a little under a second. This theme does indeed load quickly!

Finally, I'll discuss the footer credits, which the creator has stated are required to use. Just to be clear, credits are simply clickable links to the developer's website. Your website is unaffected in any way at all.

The developer further stated that you can contact him to get his consent if you want to remove the footer credits.


As previously said, you are not need to pay anything to use this theme on your Blogger blog with footer credits.

However, you must obtain permission from the developer if you want to use this fantastic blogger template in your blog without including footer credits.


7. JetTheme Newspaper

Another one of the top blogger themes in the newspaper format is JetTheme Newspaper. As was mentioned in the preceding section, a premium edition is available with a similar set of features. That's it!

It's a great blogger theme for news websites, so if you want to display a lot of blog articles on your homepage, choose this one.

Compared to the free version, this theme has more features!

The free edition has all the features a typical blog requires, and this theme has all the features a typical news website needs.

The finest feature is that this theme features a built-in safelink, or, to put it simply, a URL shortener! A blogger theme truly has everything.

Other features of this theme include page view counters that display the amount of page views for a certain post and anti-boom AdSense, which prevents users from purposefully flashing AdSense advertisements.


You must pay $7 to purchase this theme in order to use it and benefit from its premium features. According to the features and services you are receiving, I believe the price is fair.

8. Igniplex

Igniplex is yet another one of the top blogger themes that is easy for a reader or visitor to peruse. It's yet another top blogger template, but regrettably it costs money!

While reading the post, there are two sidebars and a straightforward, clean, minimalistic look. Who knows what that means, do you? Let's discuss it!

The navigation bar, which is typically at the top but is on the right side in this theme, is the first. The second is also on the right side.

The homepage post slider, which displays a number of chosen posts like a slider and is absent from the majority of the finest blogger themes, is the best feature of this theme.

The layout component of the blogger dashboard allows users to immediately set the majority of adjustments. But occasionally you might need to change the theme's HTML!

This theme also includes related posts at the top and bottom of each blog post, which streamlines
internal linking on your website.

If you use Google AdSense or any other ad network with this template, the built-in Anti Adblock feature will be helpful to you! Yet how? Let's discuss it.

This feature will prohibit visitors from reading the material by notifying them of the situation if someone disables the advertising using an extension.

Let's now discuss how long it takes for this theme to load.

This theme's page loading speed is incredibly quick because to its lightweight design and efficient code, as mentioned earlier.

The Lighthouse SEO score for this theme is fantastic! Additionally, the page speed insights score for desktops and mobile devices is great.

Finally, I'll discuss the support and updates for this theme.


As stated, this theme should be purchased, and it costs $28. For the service and features you receive, I believe the cost is fairly fair.


9. SEO Engine

Another excellent blogger theme that offers both free and paid versions is SEO Engine. As you are probably aware, the free edition has fewer features than the paid versions.

For those seeking a magazine-style theme with some shortcodes or basic advanced capabilities, this blogger theme is a wonderful choice!

Let's learn more about this theme's characteristics immediately.

The auto-translation, dark mode, boxed and full-width posts, custom featured articles, and cookie consent are just a few of the features that this theme offers.

The hero section of this theme, which offers a list of categories for the user to select from and navigate the blog more effectively, is its strongest feature.

The footer area is something else I really loved! With a few small modifications, it is extremely similar to the fletro pro footer.


As previously said, this theme is available in both free and premium editions, with the free version having certain limited features and the paid version having all of the features.

The paid version of the theme costs $9.95, which, in my opinion, is fair considering the features you get in exchange for your money!


9. Webium

Another excellent blogger theme without any restrictions is Webim!

This theme's user interface (look) is quite similar to the website's 2019–2020 post appearance.

Let's learn more about this theme's features right away!

The homepage design of this theme is the nicest I've ever seen on a blogger website. There is no other theme that compares to it in terms of beauty.

Apart from these features, this theme satisfies all standards for a typical blog! Given how basic this theme is, there aren't many sophisticated features.

The majority of the adjustments for this theme may be made via the Blogger dashboard's layout section.


As stated by the creator, you are not need to pay anything to the creators in order to download and use this theme on your Blogger blog.


How to Install a theme on Blogger or blogspot?

Have you chosen a theme but have no idea how to install one of the top blogger themes on your blog?

Fear not—I'll now explain in detail how to install a blogger theme. Most novices thought this was a difficult task. However, after reading the steps below, you will fully understand how to install a blogger theme!

Make sure your theme file has an.xml extension before continuing. If it has or.rar extension, you must first extract the file using WinZIP or WinRAR software before you can discover the.xml theme file in the extracted folder.

Ok! Let's get going now.

Step 1: Visit, where you may access your dashboard.

Step 2: Choose the blog where you want to install the theme.

Step 3: Okay, head over to the "Themes" area.

Step 4: At this point, click the arrow next to the orange "Edit HTML" button.

Step 5: After that, select "Restore" from the dropdown menu.

Step 6: At this point, you must upload the theme by selecting "Upload" (Upload .xml file only).

Step 7: requires you to complete the re-captcha (if asked).

Step 8: You're done now!

Hooray! You just finished installing your preferred best blogger themes on your blog. That seems too simple. Please leave your comments below!


The market for Blogger themes has grown significantly during the last few years. The aforementioned user interface themes could only be used with WordPress two to three years ago, and blogger blogs constantly considered switching to WordPress.

But in the modern era, everything has changed, and the blogger theme market has undergone unfathomable growth. Thousands of developers are currently working on themes in this area to improve user experience.

There are thousands of the finest blogger themes available online, however in this post I tried to compile a list of a few of them along with a thorough description of each theme.

Which blogger theme is your favourite? Comment below and let me know!

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